Lakeview Podiatry

Dr. Guy Pupp D.P.M
23527 Ford Road Dearborn, MI
Phone: 313.563.1580

Lakeview Podiatry is located on Ford Road Just east of Telegraph on the South Side of Ford Road.

Diabetic Wound Care

For diabetics it is very important that medical attention is sought immediately for wounds to prevent the further deterioration of tissue and to prevent infection.

The goal of the Team at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Michigan, led by Dr. Pupp and Dr. Geller, with regards to diabetic wound care is desease managment and lowering chronic wound risk. The team works aggressively towards the stopping and the preventing of further tissue deterioration through optimizing individualized treatment and creating a healing environment.

Educating the patient is one of the keys to prevention. The priority at Foot and Ankle Institute of Michigan is to educate each individual patient about their unique case. Although Dr. Pupp gives lectures nationally and internationally educating other doctors, his first priority is to the education and treatment of the patients that come to his office.